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Summer Vacations in Moab

Summer in Moab

Considering visiting Moab in the summertime? There are an abundance of things to do in Moab in summer, but be prepared for it to be hot! However, don’t let this put you off visiting during the summer months.

Summer temps tend to range from near 100° F in July to around 90° F by September. It’s critical to plan your day accordingly around the soaring temperatures. Additionally, In the national forests around Moab the temperatures can get even hotter and shade can be difficult to come by so, make certain to try and avoid the midday sun in the parks. By the end of September you’ll definitely feel the temperature dropping and the crowds will start to lessen, as well.


Exploring Moab in the Summer

As the temperatures start to soar in Moab in the summer, plan to start your day early. Getting up and out early, especially if you are planning on doing outdoor activities, is the best way to stay comfortable and make your experiences enjoyable. The added benefit of this is you will also find the parks pretty empty as compared to later in the day. Dawns in Moab are amazing, so make sure to catch one! Parking is also easier to come by first thing in the morning. Most of the national parks, such as Canyonland and Arches, are open 24 hours. Dead Horse State Park, though not open 24 hours, is less busy than other parks in the area.




Beginning outdoor activities around sunrise and planning to leave or take a break by lunch is recommended. Moab is full of fantastic dining establishments and eateries that are perfect for catching a break from the heat. Laying low for the afternoon in your Moab loading or taking a dip in the hotel or vacation rental pool is a good way to pass the time before heading back out in the evening.  However if you are searching for more enjoyment in your afternoons, the Colorado River may be a good choice. Being on the river is much cooler than strenuous activities away from the water, and there is plenty to do including rafting, jet boat experiences, swimming, and more.

Sunset doesn’t need to imply completion of your day. Moab is a great place to stargaze, particularly in Arches National Park!


Summer season in Moab is hot and the sun is strong. Be sure to use a lot of sunblock prior to going outside. Make sure to take plenty with you as you will need to top up throughout the day.


Ideal clothing is important. We recommend using light-weight layers with skin coverage to limit sun direct exposure.


Take a lot of water. Most of the local national forests around Moab don’t provide ways to easily get water, and you don’t want to backtrack to top up with additional water.


There are a number of Moab events that take place in the summer, including festivals, 4th of July activities, and more. See our events pages for more information.


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