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Second Brake Bar & Grill

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About Second Brake

Located onsite at Electric Mountain Lodge, Second Brake Bar & Grill offers a culinary journey with its menu of delicious appetizers, gourmet burgers, mouthwatering pizzas, expertly grilled steaks, and hearty entrees. Designed to satisfy the cravings of adventurers and comfort-food lovers alike, our selections blend premium ingredients with unique flavors. Lead and crafted by our in-house Executive Chef, we provide a dining experience that encapsulates the essence of mountain hospitality. Join us for a meal that celebrates the richness of our flavors in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Kick back and sip on a local craft beer, or enjoy one of our many classic cocktails. Pick from a sprawling list of local wines, hard seltzers, and spirits to relax and take the edge off the day.

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Our Backstory

So why the name Second Brake? Back in the day, early settlers with heavy wagons had to climb the steep rims and deep clefts on the Grand Mesa. Descending the steep grades required that wagons be equipped with brakes, a tall lever just behind your right shoulder. You engaged it by pulling the rope on top which wedged two blocks of wood against the iron tires of the rear wheels. The harder you pulled, the more braking you got. But sometimes the grade was so steep the back wheels slid, so you jerked into Second Brake. This was a breeching, a wide, thick strap around the horses' rumps (something like a slipped diaper). You engaged it by yanking hard on the reins.

The horses braced their legs and sat back against that breeching strap, the braking force went forward along the harness to the yoke and back along the tongue to the wheels. If the slope was too steep, a heavy wagon threatened to pile down on top of the team, so you kicked into Third Brake by cutting down a tree to drag along behind. The bigger the tree, the better the braking.

Our Menu

With a commitment to freshness and flavor, our menu evolves seasonally, ensuring each visit offers a new culinary discovery. Seasonal changes allow us highlight the best ingredients available, while creating dishes that are as vibrant and varied as the surrounding landscape. As such, please note that our posted menu is subject to change.

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